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ReAttach is a therapeutic intervention that has been conceived, developed and pioneered by Paula Weerkamp. ReAttach helps to overcome developmental arrest in mental health problems and in autism. ReAttach equally applies to the whole array of trans-diagnostic symptomatology networks across neuropsychiatric presentations.  ReAttach can be adjusted to treat most emotional, psychological, developmental, behavioral or physical challenges such as neuro-rehabilitation and top-sports. The method is used to optimize personal growth in order to become the best version of yourself!


ReAttach is an intervention that facilitates optimal development through affect and arousal regulation, multiple sensory processing, coherence, social cognitive training, and active learning. These elements are essential in overcoming developmental arrest of any kind and can be used to stimulate personal growth.

ReAttach is a tailored intervention
The social cognitive training can be adapted to the individual developmental stage. Individuals who are non-verbal participate in ReAttach sessions adapted to their cognitive abilities. ReAttach can be of great benefit for Highly Gifted individuals who use active learning to excel.

ReAttach can help to process information coherently with the optimal mindset for learning.
By individual training, adapted to your personal developmental stage, you can learn to deal with daily life problems. You can also learn to improve social-communicative skills, emotional regulation, or your style of problem solving.


ReAttach session

During a ReAttach of average 20 minutes, you will receive thinking assignments while simultaneously the ReAttach therapist provides multiple sensory input.  You may expect that it will be difficult to stay focused during ReAttach sessions, due to the external affect and arousal regulations and multiple sensory stimulation. Most individuals find ReAttach a pleasant and calming experience. A great benefit of ReAttach is that the personal growth appears gradually since your development is only provoked. For traumatized patients, ReAttach is a mild intervention with steady improvement.


Professional training


ReAttach is used by a broad range of professionals in special education, coaching, psychology and neuro-rehabilitation as shown in the video below.  Topsport coaches use ReAttach to help their clients to prepare for optimal physical performances and rehabilitation. 
ReAttach training for professionals is available in Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hindi and Chinese. Contact ReAttach Academy for more information about training courses:

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